IHDA invested $511.8 million and leveraged $230.3 million to build 684 new rental units in 13 developments while preserving 3,274 units in 34 developments.

West Humboldt Place

West Humboldt Place is drastically different from Merrecia Moore’s old neighborhood, where violence and gang activity were the norm. “The area we lived in was traumatic,” she said, and she knew she needed a fresh start for herself and her two young boys. Living in her new apartment on Chicago’s west side, Merrecia says the building has been nothing short of a blessing for her family. She finally feels safe in her own home and believes the support she receives has helped her mentally, emotionally and physically.

“I’ve never seen a community break their back to help you. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that I have this much support and this many people that care.”

For Merrecia and her sons, West Humboldt Place has delivered more than a roof over their heads. Since moving to the building in November 2015, she has seen her sons’ grades skyrocket and their attitudes change for the better. She has a newfound sense of stability and meets regularly with Children’s Place Association counselors, who work on site, to manage her family’s healthcare and follow through with her goals, including finding steady employment and going back to school.

“The community here is indescribable,” she said. “When I step out of this building, I feel good about myself. I feel good about where we are.”

Megan Sutherland manages the supportive services available to the families living in and around West Humboldt Place. Working with children, parents and other family members, Megan helps them develop the strategies and life skills necessary to lead healthy, successful lives.

“The services are the starting point,” she says. “We set a weekly appointment to meet and check in, to see where they’re at from budgets to jobs to benefits. You name it. We slowly work with them and do our little things every single week, and you can see how they’re growing.”

The new three-story building was made possible with a $3.5 million grant from IHDA’s Permanent Supportive Housing program, which funds developments and initiatives serving extremely low-income persons with disabilities, persons experiencing homelessness and other at-risk populations.

“My mental state has never been this great.”

Merrecia Moore
Resident – West Humboldt Place

Through partnerships with organizations like the Children’s Place Association, IHDA’s supportive housing programs link residents to permanent, affordable homes and an array of elective services that help vulnerable families live with the stability they never thought possible.

“My mental state has never been this great,” Merrecia said. “My future hope is that I continue to get this help and be in the perfect headspace that I’m in at the moment. I plan on going to school… And getting back to work.”